"She creates calm out of chaos with her excellent project management skills and grace under pressure demeanor, brings a creative problem-solving eye to managing a variety of situations, and showcases her people management skills of internal and external stakeholders. If I had a difficult instructor or a high maintenance class that needed special attention, Katie was the person I wanted assigned to it because I knew if it was with her I didn’t have to worry about it or give it another thought. She would not only have it in hand-- she would approach it as a challenge and do whatever it took to bring it home. 

I would strongly recommend Katie for your company. She has that rare mix of killer work ethic and great instincts combined with her ability to be a fast learner and bring a sense of humor to even the most stressful situations. The more you throw at her, the more she thrives." 

- Tricia Waddell, Senior Director of Content + Education, Craftsy

"She is hard-working, she has a great attitude, and she's up for any challenge. She also takes feedback well, and she's eager to earn her spot. Hire her. You won't regret it." 


"She has an incredibly contagious and upbeat attitude even in the most stressful situations. She has the ability to make everyone around her feel her positive energy even at times where it was hard to see. Katie also has very natural leadership skills that many people are drawn to and incredibly receptive to. She has an adept ability to multi-task a large amount of tasks and address any challenges as they come, with a cal, yet assertive attitude. This is an incredibly valuable skill that I have not seen in many other colleagues. She understands how to properly manager her time in order to finish all necessary tasks with a high level of quality.

Katie is a true gem in a sea of mediocre employees that any business would be lucky to have. She is a team player, go-getter, and all around wonderful person.” 

Jenniffer Vazquez, Manager, mama said sew